don’t have any business related stuff to share today – like pictures of new things.  while i did make some progress on the new turtle design, not ready to post pictures.  the biggest part of my day was devoted to fulfilling tasks required in order for the attorney to actually file the bankruptcy.  had to do an online counseling course/program.  i spent a lot of time afterwards being in judgement about that – how stupid and useless it all was.  and some equally negative thoughts about the ‘real’ people i had interacted with.  this morning i decided to see what might show up if i moved out of judgement and into ‘looking for the hidden gem’.  i have come to believe in that – the ‘teaching’ that no matter how (negative) things may appear, there is always some ‘hidden’ good, something of benefit, if you just look ‘aright’.  i won’t bore you with my (personal) amazing insights from that – will just say – when the opportunity to do that arises, take advantage of it!!  be frustrated, upset, pissed off, angry, unhappy, sad or whatever and then just stop and ‘change your mind’ and let it all go.  then open you ears and mind and heart to what the real message might be. ^_^  trust in that bigger purpose.  if nothing else, you’ll probably feel better. ^_^

and if you need a smile on this rainy day (at least here) – check this out.  yes, looks like an angel, but can you see that little bit of ‘devil’ in those eyes?  ok, just mean mischief – nothing really ‘bad’!! ^_^

peace, love & beauty