for several years now, i have been proclaiming that i would like to do more commissioned work.  it has now been a long time since any came my way.  but now – i have one, and it’s a very nice one.  a woman who saw my work at the auburn show and has decided she would like a wallhanging over her bed.  we have gotten as far as which designs she wants – 5 of the flowers in the nearly nouveau series.  today i have spent some time seeing if can fit those 5 blocks within the size she wants.  a bit of a challenge, as it turns out.  mostly because she wants the black eyed susan in the middle and that one is larger than the others.  i have come close to what she said – am hoping there’s at least a little ‘wiggle room’.  don’t have any pictures to share here, yet.  i will be able to do that now that i have a new (wireless!!) printer/scanner (that actually works!!).  hmm, maybe i will wait to post this till i have something??  ok, did that – and here are the first two (really) rough layouts.  some imagination required here! ^_^  couldn’t find exactly right color markers, etc.

i don’t really know which one she will choose.  i think the square setting works better for the overall size/shape she was thinking.  however, i know she really liked the s.f. wallhanging, and those are set on point.  she’s not a quilter, so only choosing from the ‘look’ she likes.

peace, love & beauty