no, not my design – not yet.  i’m just posting a picture of my friends tammy and mike’s turtle.  he’s a ‘rescue’ turtle and while he may still look kinda ‘small’ – was told he has about tripled in size since first brought home in august!  i stayed at their home while doing the show in concord and got to witness the transfer to his new huge tank – one mike built and that should be sufficient to last the turtle’s lifetime – well, at least size-wise.  i swear they said he could live 70 years!  good grief.  i wanted to check, to make sure the pattern i had drawn on the shell was close to correct – and it is.  however, doing it in reverse applique will have it truly be ‘in reverse’ to how it really is.  that is, the divisions on the real shell are lower than the sections – and the reverse will be true in my design.  i guess that’s ok, given it’s ‘reverse’ applique. ^_^  in fact, it is double reverse.  ahh – you will just have to wait to see.  am about to begin that shell, soon as i finish this.  having second thoughts about the fabric – we shall see.  so, here he is – and you’d be surprised how entertaining it is to watch him – he’s seldom still, swimming and ‘exploring’ or just going up for air, almost constantly.

          and here he is back in his tank.

and now i’d best be doing some real work here – also must begin cutting some things for kits for show this coming weekend.  will once again be staying with mike and tammy and enjoy watching this little guy.  yes, he does have a name, and i forget what it is.  as i recall, i think it’s an acronym that applies to the waste treatment plant where he was rescued.  i’ll ask again. oh, show is in Benicia, in the clocktower building.

peace, love & beauty