i said i wasn’t going to do this, but if i don’t post this picture, then i’ll just be writing about the weather or something.  speaking of that – seems to be raining everywhere these days.  i don’t mind, keeps the grass green just a little longer.  am hoping for the predicted sunshine tomorrow tho – want to do at least the ‘garage’ work without getting wet and cold.  must reorganize tubs and see if there are kits to cut that i haven’t remembered.  cutting kits is what i have been doing instead of working on the turtle.  which means – not looking too promising for it to be finished for this weekend.  then again – who knows.

so, here it is – in process.  this one, like the dragonfly, i would not recommend for a beginner.   those feet are a little challenging.  not awful – once again, batik or other tightly woven fabric a must.  they are larger now than in the very first drawing.  and i had to restart cause the first fabric i chose did not work!!!  i may tweak them just a tad more in the final drawing – not sure.  the shell ‘holes’ are much easier and seem to be going fairly fast – when i sit down and actually sew!

  my friend julie warned that the fabric under the shells might be too subtle, when i told her about it.  i am happy with it, but some might prefer more contrast.

and now it’s time to go up to ‘big house’ for tonight’s games – hockey playoffs and a reds’ game.  sure hope they snap out of their slump soon!!

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