i have figured it out – the real purpose of ‘old age’.  it is purely for entertainment – our own and those around us!  i mean, why in the heck to i buy those “hidden object” games??  i spend a good part of every day looking for things!  many of which were in my hand not 5 minutes before!  and crossword puzzles??  hah!   if i could just remember that word (i wanted to say) . ok, probably won’t make a nice interlocking pattern. we’ll just do a ‘fill in the blanks’ kind of game.  and then there’s the “spelling bee’s” i subject myself to every time i type.  ok, yes, i do cheat and use that handy tool. ^_^

oh, and the best one – a form of ‘treasure hunt’, i guess.  only in the current game you must first guess what the heck you are looking for – as in – “why did i come in here??”  a bit trickier, me thinks. ^_^  once you’ve solved that riddle, you often then move right on to “hidden object”. ^_^

since i have heard that laughter is the best medicine – i’d say i have plenty of opportunities to participate in that activity as long as i keep my sense of humor and take myself lightly!!   ^_^  keep smilin!

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