that was not the greatest show i’ve ever done – money-wise.  however, looks like i’ve made a new ‘friend’ and opened a new opportunity for classes.  and got to talk with suzie from main street quilts in martinez, again.  we will be choosing dates in august for classes – probably both the beginning and followup classes.  i will post the dates on the webpage and you can also contact the shop directly.  no, don’t have the # in front of me.  hmmmm, i will need to find it for myself, i think!

the other shop is broadway quilts in sonoma.  we are looking at scheduling that one for right after the santa rosa show, probably june 7th.  that # is 707-938-7312.  if you live in that area and are interested, a call now could help cement the possibility. ^_^  my beginning class is  intended for everyone – even if you’ve never taken a stitch, or if you have taken ‘many’ ^_^ and are just looking to improve in some area – or for a tip or 2.

had a conversation with good friend bobbie yesterday and sounds like she might cancel out of the show in albuquerque!  i have made that drive alone, so not a disaster for me, still, was looking forward to the time together and a possible side trip to the grand canyon on the way home.  also, when we went the last time and stayed at the ‘rv park’ (hah, parking lot!) within the fairgrounds – there were hookups, but no restroom/shower available.  that won’t work for me in the van!  have alternative ways to be clean without an actual shower – but can’t do without the potty!  😦  so, may have to find a real rv park – they didn’t seem too plentiful, as i recall.  i so love staying right where the show is!  most fairgrounds do have showers in the horse barn area – perhaps i’ll get lucky and they will have and be willing to open! ^_^  yes!

nothing new to show off here.  time before red bluff on the 13th will be spent cutting kits and making sure i have enough of everything to get thru red bluff, fallon and albq.  and, for fun, doing some beading.  would like to have some pins for albq.  i know i’m gonna buy beads while there! ^_^

dogwood is finally coming into bloom.  i’ll post a picture tomorrow.  happy spring!

peace, love & beauty