my first client will be coming today to check out available  fabrics, etc.  ok, not the  very first ever piece i’ve done for someone – but at least the largest.  i will be making a wallhanging, about 50″ wide and 40″ tall – using 5 of the nearly nouveau flower blocks.  i did a couple of layout drawings and she chose the one with them done ‘on point’.  she had originally said size should be more like just 30″ tall, but with the larger black eyed susan block as the centerpiece, just couldn’t do that with them set on point.  today is mostly about choosing the green that will be around the blocks.  also need to verify that the green i usually use for the framing circle (what i call an overlay) is to her liking.  or at least, one of the 2 i use.  both of those will have some impact on the greens i choose for the leaves for the individual blocks.

needless to say, having a total stranger come to my house has resulted in a bit of cleaning and clearing.  i must admit, it feels a lot better in here already – and i haven’t even run the vacuum yet!! ^_^  i have also done some work in the yard and have a new commitment to transform IT over the course of the summer.  with all the financial stress & distractions of the past 2 years, i did not direct any energy toward maintenance – and it shows!!  i am now committed to just making this little place the best it can be – as it is!  no more waiting until i can afford to “remodel” – i will just love it the way it is!  planning to even give it a paint-job!!  i soooo hate tan and brown!  yuk!!!  a lovely shade of green so it just blends right in with everything around it – yes!  while it is a small space, it does serve me well.  and, truth be told, if i can clear out more of the unused ‘stuff’, it will make a big difference in the organizing of the business related ‘stuff’ i actually need and use!  especially now that i have added beading/beads to the fabric, etc.  change is good!!!

peace, love and beauty