While the trip tomorrow is not a long one – red bluff, just under 3 hours – it is the beginning of another one of those crazy schedules – as in, i was crazy to have scheduled myself that way!!  anyway, i am excited about what i am planning for today – it’s the engineer in me, added to the creativity part- the finding of a solution and new way of doing things, etc.

so, yesterday i added all the ‘hooks’ to the newly constructed rack and stained it.  i had to go to the local hardware store to find enough of the large, ‘fender’ washers i use to keep the bolts (that are the hooks) parallel.  i had bought all home depot had last week, and when i checked again day before, they were still out.  while i was able to buy them ‘bulk’, and even discovered one slightly smaller in dia that seems to allow for closer spacing when using both sides of the rack (mesh) – i also discovered that they cost 2 1/2 times as much!  seriously!  paid $15 for 50 instead of $6 for 48.  yikes!  ok, so i also had to admit to myself that home depot is the walmart of ‘hardware, etc’ – and my shopping there makes me a bit of a hypocrite -( i do a personal, semi-boycot of walmart.) ^_^  grrrr

ok, back to the good part.  while in the hardware store, i also found the solution for hanging the rack!  i am psyched!  plus, in my journaling this morning i realized i could split the folding screen (which is heavy and not as space efficient as i had envisioned!) and use both sides of one piece.  and, saw how to hang it in the back corner – using stuff i already have on hand!!!  i will probably end up using the other half once i have created another simply flowers design.  and the little one that now holds those will get used for the nearly nouveau kits.  while i won’t attempt to make all of those changes before i leave tomorrow – i am going to see if i can separate the folding one and get it ‘loaded’!  my goal is to finish all of the rack stuff and pack everything into van today.  plus, complete any kits i need, etc.  leaving only bare minimum for tomorrow pre-departure.  yes, it is perhaps a tall order – will give it my best shot!! 🙂

oh, and then there is the planting i must do today!  3 flowering and 2 tomato plants.  and the kits that are not yet cut.  my my

and the sad news is – no more basketball for us.  celtics are a really good example of what kinds of changes are taking place on this planet.  the old paradigm that included “brute-force” and willpower is falling away and giving way to more ‘heart-centered’ intention – true teamwork, co-operation, etc.  you cannot rip apart the heart and soul of a true ‘team’ and expect the fragmented parts to succeed, even if you have added what appears to be some ‘better’ parts.  only a true team can create synergy – and the human, logical mind can never ‘make’ that happen.  you can’t coach “ubuntu” and manage “it’s a business” (=rip apart and plug in different pieces) and expect the magic to still happen.  how long will it take to heal?  how many more pieces will get replaced?  as the song goes – “wait’ll next year and hope”  i remain green at heart. 🙂

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