seems the last post was the day before departure – sometimes hard to remember what i’m doing today, let alone last week!  anyway, red bluff was a success – did better than ‘minimum acceptable’ and looks like i will be teaching at shop in redding in july.  info is on the website – only tentative at the moment – will update when confirmed.

have been having a lot of trouble getting myself to be productive since i got back.  was just wiped out on monday – marginally better yesterday.  today, just no choice about it, must do some things.  the rack hanging was a near disaster – really needed to ‘test drive’.  as a result, setup was long and hard and extremely stressful.  managed to get it all to work – not before i bonked myself in the head.  better me than customer!!  weather has also been a problem for me these 3 days – cold and rainy.  some on and off sun today, so a tad better.  have just finished the cover for the new rack and altered the other one.  now must pull some poles out of van and do a partial setup to see how i can rig those racks.  ugh.  of course that means pulling even more out of the van in order to get to the poles.  no rest for the weary (or wicked).

so here’s a little smile for ya – since i  forgot to take pictures of the new setup (even tho i did take the camera).

   and now it’s off to work for me – plus trip to home depot for at least some zip ties.  oh, am headed to fallon, nv!  you might want to check out the show if in that area! ^_^

peace, love and beauty