how many times have i written “once again it’s been a long time . . . ” – and here it is again, a long time since i posted.  have been many a mile since last we met!  albq was ‘ok’, not as good as 2 years ago, still worth the drive, and i will go back in 2 years – God willin & the creek don’t rise.  it IS a long drive, alone.  ok, not quite ‘alone’ – just haven’t taught that dog to drive yet! ^_^  i managed to accomplish my goal getting there – just took a little extra time with a construction stop before barstow – like, out of the van walking around kind of stop!  nearly 1 1/2 hrs.  did not encounter that on the trip back – holiday weekend, and sunday at that.  wasn’t sure how i was going to do it, on return.  ended up doing in just 2 days, again.  felt ok so wasn’t willing to lose another day ‘on the road’.

today i am headed to santa rosa.  usually a good show.  thought i hadn’t done so well last year, then checked the records.  turns out it was 2009 that was the bummer year.  so, hopes are high for this year.  also get to spend time with ruth, always a good thing.  plus, she is house/dog sitting right there in santa rosa, short drive to show – yea!

new hanging racks are working great.  even did the setup that doesn’t require the half ‘wall’ across the front.  my idea of inserting something into the corner post and hanging the rack from it, worked!!  that is very good as i don’t have enough poles or crossbars to do the half wall if i have a 15 ft booth.  life is good!

peace, love & beauty