while it seems a bit ‘personal’ to share, i know i’m not the only one who got caught in the financial mess we all created.  the initial fatality for me, was the loss of the rv – in the most embarrassing way i could think of.  at the time, i thought it was ‘the worst that could happen’.  hah!  the ‘trickle down’ of that whole episode continued to eat away at our family situation – financially – and we nearly lost the house in the same fashion.  but, the good Lord answered my prayers and got us thru.  however, we have continued to struggle – and yesterday was a closing on all of my personal mess – the final hearing on my declaration of bankruptcy.  and here i am, back again at “onward and upward”.  that is as soon as all of this emotion comes up, thru and out!!  even the sky has been weeping with me – very weird to have rain and 55 deg (that ‘cold day in hell’ i said it would take before i would ever declare bankruptcy?) at the very end of june!!  i have been told it will be over 100 deg by the 4th. my my

i can say that for the most part, shows have been a little better this year.  i am also being very frugal in my spending – on everything.  any ‘extra’ $$ must go to keep us afloat – house-wise.  tom’s work remains spotty as everyone tightening their belts and car maintenance often put off till emergency status.  candace’s unemployment has expired and she has just one daycare client – hey, at least it’s a start!!  my part time work has gone to very minimum and now done entirely from here.  still, i am very grateful!!

i did get a lovely commission recently – 5 of the nearly nouveau blocks that i designed a simple setting for.  i will do the applique and the piecing – she will have it quilted.  we didn’t get to who does the binding. ^_^  i have been working on the first block – couldn’t start right away as i was out of town most of may. and then had 2 shows in june.   i am attempting to get myself back to it today – thought i’d share the progress here.  at least it’s a picture! ^_^  hmmm, now i’m thinking i did share about the wallhanging and posted a picture of my ‘pasted up’ design??  so here’s block #1 – almost.

oops, must have hit a wrong key – had the picture and then it disappeared when i went to type.




let’s try this again – ok, all is well.


and now i will return to needle and thread and see what i can accomplish.

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