July 2011

and so it’s the ‘real’ day and it promises to be quiet.  nothing planned and no fireworks anywhere, since that happened on sat nite.  by the way, they were GRAND!  the best ever!  just wish they could have been tonight.  i think it didn’t work as expected – for those who chose to do them on the 2nd.  the crowd was noticeably smaller – i’m certain not the intended result.  two things, i think, contributed to that 1) publicity was not only poor, some was inaccurate.  apparently at least one newspaper printed fireworks to be on the 4th.  only the sign in front of the fairgrounds read the 2nd.  and 2) it put them in competition, so to speak, with cameron park – and i had been told that fireworks were ‘way better’ there.  well, i doubt that was true this year – however, from the looks of the crowd, most chose to go down there.

now, all of that ‘should’ have made getting home much easier than usual.  however, placerville’s finest did there best to make it as difficult as possible.  no need to go into boring details here – just suffice it to say – what were they thinking??? totally bizarre and stupid.

so, yesterday and today devoted to the second block for the commissioned piece.  yes, finished the first one – at least as far as i could without adding the overlay, after which there are some additional leaves to add.  chose the cyclamen to do next – another tough one due to all the ‘turned over’ petals.  have also discovered that i made some changes when i did the ‘final’ drawing, so it looks a little different from the sample/pattern cover.  and i’m not so sure i like all of those changes.  so, going to revise the pattern before i print any more!!  if you bought it already and want the revised one – i’ll send it to you free, then you can do it whichever way you prefer. ^_^  here’s the picture of the (nearly) finished foxglove.





and now i’d best get stitching again.   have a wonderful, safe, and happy holiday!

peace, love, and beauty

is nothing sacred these days??  as i drove past the fairgrounds the other day, i noticed the sign that advertises ‘coming attractions/events’, and there it was – fireworks on sat, july 2nd!  WTF???  i knew they had been doing that in a little ‘burg’ down the road, but was happy p’ville was holding its ground with regard to ‘tradition’.  damn.  ok, so, yes, we will still be going to see them.  and, yes, i will admit it ‘makes sense’ with regard to normal work weeks, etc.  so what.  it’s the 4th of July, for cryin’ out loud!

and now i shall sit down, shut up, and get back to work on that block.  my goal is to finish it today and get the next one at least set up.

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