August 2011

i leave for fallon, nv today.  am teaching the beginner class tomorrow, for anyone who couldn’t make it last time – and then the follow-up class for those who did, this time & last.  i’ve been home for the whole month and the hermit is not likin’ the idea of leaving again. 🙂  have been dealing with a small dark cloud around me the past couple of days.  have just let it be and gotten on with it, so am prepared for the class.  was feeling like cloud was lifting, then made the mistake of reading some of the news about the hurricane.  not the best decision.

am hoping the notions order arrives before 3:00 – was on track to be here thurs/friday but just one small problem – they shipped it to the wrong address.  not sure how they discovered it – i guess it got to wrong place thurs?  they scrambled to put second one together for me – just a couple little problems: 1) some of the thread colors i had ordered, i got the last ones. (well, someone did) 2) there is no ups sat. delivery in p’ville, ca!  so, must wait to leave today till ups arrives.  i have no idea what time they come to this area. grrr  also, at first it sounded like they had charged my account twice & would not be refunding until they got the first package back.  huh!! ? are you kidding me!  just because it was(the second one) ‘authorized’ (=cleared) “today” does NOT mean there’s really that much money there!!  could cause a check to bounce!!  as it turns out, i guess they had also charged the wrong person cause the first one has not shown up in my account!  so, someone else could be having that problem!  never good to have $200 just kind of float out of your checking account!!  this picture kind of fits all that – those eyes. ^_^  that’s logan – he’ll soon be 8 months old.

ok, now can’t type below it, so

peace, love and beauty

i just had to post this picture of aaron – won’t go into the long story behind this particular picture taking/morning – suffice it to say, it was in perfect keeping with that image. ^_^

wish i had something clever to write today – don’t.  and really need to be getting on with it here, to prepare for leaving on monday.  not a show; classes.  will be doing the beginning class on tues(in fallon, nv) for those who were unable to attend the last time.  and then, we will do the follow-up class on wed – for ‘everyone’.  i will be staying with a nice couple – same ones who housed me last time.  and they welcome sophie as well – nice.  hey, if you live in the area and want to try your hand at applique, probably room in the first class.  contact info probably on their website – phone on my show app is 775-423-1938, don’t actually know if that gets you a ‘live’ person?? ^_^

ok, i guess i have avoided getting started here long enough.  already 10:00 and i’ve  not even eaten!  must then head to garage to count things – primarily kits.  i do have shows coming up!  at least i can say i have finished kits etc for the classes – probably have enough for the next one also??  kits are ‘optional’, so not everyone buys one.

peace, love, and beauty

so here’s the fabric i think looks better for the wallhanging – it’s the same one i used in the sample quilt – which quilt will soon be back home and finally ‘quilted’!!  can’t wait to see it!!  wonder how long it will take  for me to get the binding on!!! ^_^

that really is green – just very dark.  i think it makes the flowers pop much better – and having never been a big fan of ‘sponge ‘painting – like the ‘texture’ much better. here’s the other one again.



oops, forgot to crop it when i saved it.  and didn’t get quite as close.  dang.

peace, love, and beauty

this won’t be much – just a picture of the first two, totally finished blocks – placed on top of the potential surrounding green.  we shall see – very poor lighting where i took this, so not good for comparing those greens.  just kind of recording my progress here. ^_^





and now i shall get back to being productive – somehow.  onward & upward

peace, love and beauty

as i have been pondering the green thing with regard to the quilt i am making – there was a narrative nature to my thoughts and i felt compelled to sit and compose another post.  i found myself thinking back – for those who are as old as i, you will recall when the pairing of blue and green was a fashion and decorating ‘sin’.  even as a small child i had to wonder – i mean, clearly God had not gotten the memo!  how could He/She have chosen that lovely blue background on which to place all those beautiful green trees??  and, exactly who were these folks and where were they.  obviously cloistered in a room somewhere – with no windows!  and probably across the hall from the ones who were telling me how long (& then short) my skirt should be.  oh, and at the same table with the ones who declared i must never wear my plaid shirt with the stripped skirt i just got!  lest someone might think i was either mentally retarded or a begger!  was that a covert way of putting those unfortunate folks in ‘uniforms’??  you know, to keep the rest of ‘us’ safe??

i clearly remember the day we went to see uncle dick’s and aunt mae’s ‘new’ house.  oh, YES, i thought when i saw the kitchen – i love it!!  and finally!!  i seem to recall my mother’s opinion a tad different from mine. ^_^  it was turqoise and olive green and beautiful to me.  i was in my teens.

and now, we flash forward to today.  much has changed in the world of color and pattern and print – a very gross understatement! ^_^  and here i am fully engaged in the world of color as it applies to fabric and quilting.  a small world in which i seem to have acquired a reputation for having “a good sense of color”. hmmm  i think what that means is – for the most part, what i do/how i combine colors, appeals to most people – even when it tends to push them a little outside their comfort zone – “i never would have put those together, but i really like it/love it”.  i have never taken a course, have made a point of not learning the proper terms with regard to the words folks who claim to know use – shade, hue, tone – etc. oh, and then there’s the handy dandy color wheel thingy.  not for me!!  truth is, don’t want to interfere with the natural process!  those who know me know very well i am a control freak (the nicer term) ^_^  i prefer to keep my mind/brain out of the process and just let my heart/gut/feelings run the color show!!  so far, so good. ^_^

so – my concern about that green is not about the current rules – i just can’t do what doesn’t feel good for me.  seems a good way to live in many ways – maybe???   i am confident my client and i will reach a mutual agreement.  i  know the finished piece must both please her and fit within her home ‘decor’ – it’s not something purchased as a wal-mart special.  if you spend good money, you need to get something “good” for you!!

finished the iris block for the commission piece – it has no pieces that overlap the framing circle, so it is truly ‘finished’, except for the overlay.  i will put that on today and maybe post a picture of something later.  now that i have all 4 of the smaller blocks nearly finished, i am looking at the outer green we chose and am not so sure!  i withhold final judgement until i have the 4 blocks complete – but, i’m pretty sure it is just a tad too ‘blue’.  the cone flower and the iris have much more ‘yellow-green’ leaves and stems than do the foxglove and cyclamen.  while i’m ok with them all ‘together’, the bluer green surrounding them i don’t think is going to work – even with the very light green overlays that separate the actual flowers from it.

here’s the pasted-up and felt-markered rough version of the finished product – i’m talking about that outer green that will be almost like a background for all the blocks.  hey, best i could do at the time. ^_^

perhaps the best way to do a commission piece is to allow only basic color choices to be requested. ^_^  and “leave the driving to us”

peace, love and beauty  

never did get to this yesterday – was zipping right along on this block – and then dan called and that was the end of it.  lots of waiting around and nothing accomplished there either!  good grief!  so, here is how it looks so far.  as a result of this ‘sample’ i am going to do another fused sample with different fabrics – for the kits.  see if i can ‘brighten it up’ a little.  stay tuned. ^_^

so here’s the one for the commission piece .       i think it looks a little ‘brighter’ here than it actually is?  i was going to rip it off about halfway thru, then decided it balanced the ‘quieter’ cone flower nicely. ^_^

and that’s it for today.  not sure which one i’ll work on tomorrow – just DO need to keep on keepin’ on – end of month will be here before i know it!!

peace, love and beauty

Is anyone who happens to stumble upon this page one who is also doing things like: listening to the Fairness Campaign? Or are you following Neale’s Global Conversation  blog? or following the work of Barbara Marx Hubbard – if so, are you enrolled in the Agents for Change program – as I would be if I could feel ok about spending the $$ there instead of contributing to the ‘save our home’ project we have going on right here, right now.  While I used to joke about being a “bag lady” (in my much younger & less ‘enlightened’ days) – now that the prospect looms somewhat real – not so much!  No longer see the humor in it, so to speak.

And that also brings me to what I have been considering writing about here – that which those last sentences point to – victimhood, in all its many guises – from the very obvious to the very subtle and quietly toxic/habitual – thinking, acting, believing – etc.  What got drilled into our heads by family, friends, teachers and religious leaders – whatever.  One of my ‘personal growth’ areas of ‘intention’ is to eliminate that sort of thinking, speaking, acting – whatever – from my repertoire of “ways of being in the world”.  Now, having said that, I also believe that some level of victim is required to even remain here in the ‘earth’ plane of existence.  I could be wrong, but I suspect reaching a level of pure acceptance/non-victim would result in a puff of white light and gone sort of thing. 🙂  Still, to step away from looking out there and judging/blaming and moving into claiming some level of ‘responsibility’ is the only way to gain some authentic power and thus the ability to create change within my own life/experience.

Anyway – having just listened to the latest Fairness Campaign ‘interview’ – (from yesterday – Barbara Marx Hubbard) – I’m following what feels like an inner guidance – to just ask: Is there anyone else out there who’d like to just ‘talk’ a bit??  hmmm now I’m feeling like I should not put this out there. That old familiar fear – long time companion!!!  I will also admit that I am doing this because going and knocking on a neighbor’s door is way way too scary!! 😦

took the entire day off yesterday – from everything ‘normal’ routine for me.  went on a 5 mile hike in the mountains with my friend bobbie.  wow!  the wild flowers, the views, etc.  i didn’t pack my camera, so have nothing to show, sorry.  even with my good camera, not sure i could have done it justice.  we were at 8000-9000 ft the whole time.  and a lot of uphill huffing and puffing. ^_^  probably will take camera next time.  ok, if i can find a strap for it – hmm, guess best to take the carrying case – just in case!!  and it has a strap.

i started the iris block the day before and will post a picture of the progress made later today – mostly just those big leaves right now.  yes, took a break from the cone flower. ^_^  man, i wish i could reproduce some of those flowers i saw yesterday.  biggest problem, even if i could do them – not sure anyone else would be willing.  would mean a lot of tiny pieces for most of them.  can you believe – there were 3 different varieties of lupine alone!  small, medium and large!

ok, onward and upward.

peace, love and beauty.

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