well, after i posted yesterday, wordpress came back with some suggestions for how to get more folks to see this.  perhaps i’ll try that today.

having a totally frustrating day with regard to computers – and these days i have 3 different ones!  thank goodness one of them is for local work only – that always tends to remain more sane.  this one is for this and other online stuff – business and personal.  the 3rd one is dan’s – my part-time work ‘boss’.  and that’s where i’m having the problems today!  downloaded a trial version of a program that converts word to pdf easily (the 2003 version of word does not include that save option).  so, the trial version worked great.  problems have occurred as i attempted to purchase and then use the purchased version.  first got some warnings about license validation, etc.  chose to ignore those.  all seemed well and legit.  then i didn’t read the installation directions thoroughly, eventually did that and thought it was installed (after uninstalling the trial version).  now when i try to use it, i still get the trial version – or something??  when i attempt to register, says i can’t etc etc  grrrr.  so, am on here while my second installation attempt is completing.  not a happy camper at the moment.  i have now sent an email to the ‘help/support’ – here’s hoping there really IS such a thing.

and then there is the block i’m working on, for the commission piece.  oh how i hope it looks ok with the rest of them!!  it’s the cone flower and the current fabric is just not as ‘vibrant’ as what i normally use.  color is ok, just a little ‘greyed’.  man, my gut is having a bad day!!

so here are the pictures of the first 2 blocks – as finished as they can be until after the outer framing piece is added.

    hmmm, thought i had put some space between those.  just not a good computer day, i guess.

ok, so space shows up in preview, all is well.




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