what if desire was actually not about lack and longing for something ‘out there’ that i do not currently ‘have’?  what if the feeling (we call) desire is actually the awakening of a God planted seed, something i already ‘have’ been given – planted within me before i even arrived on this earth-plane?  how would that show up, what words would i use, what new feelings would be associated with it??  it seems to fit with what i’ve read/heard, you know, the “before you ask, I have given” – loosely quoted. ^_^

so, what i came up with was this – desire would be transformed, at the feeling level, from longing and the experience of lack to a feeling of expectation.  and excitement.  you know, how you feel when you ‘know’, at the material level, when something you really want is ‘on its way’ – either some planned event, or even waiting for that plane to land and your loved one to come walking toward you – that kind of excited expectation – the kind with some level of ‘certainty’.  i could hold desire as a sure sign that the object of my desire is on its way toward me, toward manifestation.  if nothing else, that kind of positive energy is certain to help attract what i want!!  not to mention how good it feels to be in excited expectation – relative to ‘longing’ for something and ‘hoping’ and trying to figure out how to get it, etc.  another way to “Let go and let God”.  🙂

an intention worth holding, me thinks!

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