this is going to be a long one – “fair warning”, as the auctioneer says. ^_^

So, what I’m offering today is both my thoughts / ideas and an invitation to join me in an “experiment”.  As is often the case, it began with my morning journaling – another one of those “what if’s”.  This one has to do with habits – how they are ‘created’ and, more importantly – how can they be ‘changed’.  I’m going to type here most of what I wrote – feel free to “speed read” ^_^ to get to the ‘meat’/point/invitation etc.

Perhaps I really need to consider walking?  Why is it so hard to do?  Why so resistant to something that makes me feel good?  I mean, it’s not like it actually hurts or anything.  Is it as simple as “habit”?  Is it that mechanical?  Is it the ‘nature of the beast’ – or more accurately – the wiring or the machine?  And ‘change’ will only occur with conscious choice & effort – as in choosing in each moment/at each opportunity, until the machine has been completely re-programmed & is ‘doing’ the new habit.

Well, yes & no.  Where it gets complicated is with all the “supporting conversation” associated with the (old) habit – some very subtle & coming from false beliefs & dysfunctional thinking. e.g.(to name just a few) I’m too busy, have too much to do, etc – never mind I do find time to play solitaire! or talk on the phone.  And then the even more hidden ones that have to do with lack of attention on/caring for myself because 1) don’t deserve 2) am worthless & 3) it would be selfish & self-centered and prove I am conceited.

There is only one way thru all of that – set an intention & mindfully choose with integrity, & not give in to the resistance in all its many guises.  Oh, with the intention – set a goal – a daily ‘item’/goal that can be “measured” & recorded.  e.g.  Walk every day for ___ minutes.  And do it till it feels “wrong” not to do it.  I can do that.  Will I???

OK, what if I did it as an experiment?  Can i prove my theory?  Can i actually “re-program” myself?  Start with “What if I walked every day for 20-30 minutes, minimum?”  For 30 days.  Would it become a “habit” strong enough to maintain itself “automatically?  And – what if I invited Jann (or even others!)  to participate?  What that adds is ‘accountability and support’ – we are more likely to keep our word when given to another/”made public”.  Uses ego-nature to our advantage – ego never wants to ‘look bad’! 🙂

Yes, I have read it many times – that you can create a new habit in some # of days, 21-30?  However – either I have never really done the full 21 days OR – I had an “invisible” underlying opposing intention to “prove them wrong”!  Ego is like that – cunning & crafty!  Will do anything to be “right” – for being ‘right’ equates to surviving.  Any kind of change shows up as a threat to survival for ego – the very fact that I am still alive is proof that “status quo” = survival = right = NO changes allowed.  End of story for ego.

So, some length of time is required to demonstrate 1) still alive 2) feeling better &, ultimately, replace “old habit”.  For this experiment, I will start with 30 days.  And for anyone who stumbles upon this post and has read all the way to here 🙂 – an invitation to join me.  You can let me know by a comment – or not.  Strongly urge you to engage at least one other person – at least someone to ‘hold’ your promise, to whom you can ‘report’.  For reasons I just noted – a promise to yourself that requires long term commitment is very tough to keep.  Oh, by the way – your intention does not have to be about ‘walking every day’.  This is an experiment in habit changing – choose whatever calls to you – you know already what that is that’s been poking at you for awhile. ^_^ Ah, just remembered what ‘we’ called the other person – our “committed listener”.

And with that I shall sign off and release this to the Universe. 🙂  Onward & Upward

Peace, Love and Beauty