i’ve been mouthing off on this page a bit lately – time to get back to that which i actually do know something about.

been working on that commission piece and ran into some problems with the most recent block – fabric problems, that is.  yes, there were some ‘pattern’ problems with the other two ^_^ – nothing tooo serious, did cause me to make some changes and replace a few patterns.  sure hope anyone who has a copy of the original either can make the corrections or will contact me and i’ll send one of the newer ones!!  it’s mostly a matter of wrong numbering and will be pretty obvious when you are sewing on the pieces.

now i’m working on the cone flower and the first fabric i used, and what is currently in the kits – i really liked how i was able to fussy cut for shading.  however, kept having this nagging thought about the (here’s where i don’t really know the correct terminology, so bear with me) ‘tone’ of the pink.  seemed a lot ‘grey’ to me.  sure enough, when i placed the block near the other two – ick.  they made it look sick!  and i do not mean that within the new slang definition!!  i mean, like puke. 😦  and in the process of pondering what to do, and how much i’d have to remove, etc – i also noticed i had made a really glaring mistake!  how could i have done that??  and then, how could i have not noticed it as i was continuing on???  good grief!

a trip to myra’s got me a replacement fabric.  not a big difference, certainly not as grey.  also not as good for fussy cutting for subtle shading.  dang.  i had taken a picture of the first one before i took all the pieces off – and just took a picture of how it looks now.  unfortunately the difference is even less obvious in these pictures.  i did save the one group of petals that came off together – when i place them next to the new ones – very obvious!!  it’s also interesting to notice what the camera and computer did with the colors – specifically the green.  i did not change the green.  it does not look the same in the two pictures.  i think i took the pictures in the same place in this room??

so, here they are.  can you spot the BIG mistake?? ^_^

    the other thing is, i’m not crazy about the ‘under/lighter’ pink.  not any real variation in it.  not a big deal in the larger blossoms where it’s just here and there and not two of it side-by-side.  that isn’t the case is the smaller blossom.  it’s like 90% ‘underside’.  i have just painted that fabric piece to lighten some of it a little.  it will be subtle, i hope still effective.  oh, and i also had to replace the main, darker green – the one you really don’t see yet – it’s the big leaves.  turned out the original fabric is the same one i used in the darker purple iris – the 4th block!  did not want the same fabric in both blocks!  onward & upward


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