took the entire day off yesterday – from everything ‘normal’ routine for me.  went on a 5 mile hike in the mountains with my friend bobbie.  wow!  the wild flowers, the views, etc.  i didn’t pack my camera, so have nothing to show, sorry.  even with my good camera, not sure i could have done it justice.  we were at 8000-9000 ft the whole time.  and a lot of uphill huffing and puffing. ^_^  probably will take camera next time.  ok, if i can find a strap for it – hmm, guess best to take the carrying case – just in case!!  and it has a strap.

i started the iris block the day before and will post a picture of the progress made later today – mostly just those big leaves right now.  yes, took a break from the cone flower. ^_^  man, i wish i could reproduce some of those flowers i saw yesterday.  biggest problem, even if i could do them – not sure anyone else would be willing.  would mean a lot of tiny pieces for most of them.  can you believe – there were 3 different varieties of lupine alone!  small, medium and large!

ok, onward and upward.

peace, love and beauty.