never did get to this yesterday – was zipping right along on this block – and then dan called and that was the end of it.  lots of waiting around and nothing accomplished there either!  good grief!  so, here is how it looks so far.  as a result of this ‘sample’ i am going to do another fused sample with different fabrics – for the kits.  see if i can ‘brighten it up’ a little.  stay tuned. ^_^

so here’s the one for the commission piece .       i think it looks a little ‘brighter’ here than it actually is?  i was going to rip it off about halfway thru, then decided it balanced the ‘quieter’ cone flower nicely. ^_^

and that’s it for today.  not sure which one i’ll work on tomorrow – just DO need to keep on keepin’ on – end of month will be here before i know it!!

peace, love and beauty