Is anyone who happens to stumble upon this page one who is also doing things like: listening to the Fairness Campaign? Or are you following Neale’s Global Conversation  blog? or following the work of Barbara Marx Hubbard – if so, are you enrolled in the Agents for Change program – as I would be if I could feel ok about spending the $$ there instead of contributing to the ‘save our home’ project we have going on right here, right now.  While I used to joke about being a “bag lady” (in my much younger & less ‘enlightened’ days) – now that the prospect looms somewhat real – not so much!  No longer see the humor in it, so to speak.

And that also brings me to what I have been considering writing about here – that which those last sentences point to – victimhood, in all its many guises – from the very obvious to the very subtle and quietly toxic/habitual – thinking, acting, believing – etc.  What got drilled into our heads by family, friends, teachers and religious leaders – whatever.  One of my ‘personal growth’ areas of ‘intention’ is to eliminate that sort of thinking, speaking, acting – whatever – from my repertoire of “ways of being in the world”.  Now, having said that, I also believe that some level of victim is required to even remain here in the ‘earth’ plane of existence.  I could be wrong, but I suspect reaching a level of pure acceptance/non-victim would result in a puff of white light and gone sort of thing. 🙂  Still, to step away from looking out there and judging/blaming and moving into claiming some level of ‘responsibility’ is the only way to gain some authentic power and thus the ability to create change within my own life/experience.

Anyway – having just listened to the latest Fairness Campaign ‘interview’ – (from yesterday – Barbara Marx Hubbard) – I’m following what feels like an inner guidance – to just ask: Is there anyone else out there who’d like to just ‘talk’ a bit??  hmmm now I’m feeling like I should not put this out there. That old familiar fear – long time companion!!!  I will also admit that I am doing this because going and knocking on a neighbor’s door is way way too scary!! 😦