finished the iris block for the commission piece – it has no pieces that overlap the framing circle, so it is truly ‘finished’, except for the overlay.  i will put that on today and maybe post a picture of something later.  now that i have all 4 of the smaller blocks nearly finished, i am looking at the outer green we chose and am not so sure!  i withhold final judgement until i have the 4 blocks complete – but, i’m pretty sure it is just a tad too ‘blue’.  the cone flower and the iris have much more ‘yellow-green’ leaves and stems than do the foxglove and cyclamen.  while i’m ok with them all ‘together’, the bluer green surrounding them i don’t think is going to work – even with the very light green overlays that separate the actual flowers from it.

here’s the pasted-up and felt-markered rough version of the finished product – i’m talking about that outer green that will be almost like a background for all the blocks.  hey, best i could do at the time. ^_^

perhaps the best way to do a commission piece is to allow only basic color choices to be requested. ^_^  and “leave the driving to us”

peace, love and beauty