as i have been pondering the green thing with regard to the quilt i am making – there was a narrative nature to my thoughts and i felt compelled to sit and compose another post.  i found myself thinking back – for those who are as old as i, you will recall when the pairing of blue and green was a fashion and decorating ‘sin’.  even as a small child i had to wonder – i mean, clearly God had not gotten the memo!  how could He/She have chosen that lovely blue background on which to place all those beautiful green trees??  and, exactly who were these folks and where were they.  obviously cloistered in a room somewhere – with no windows!  and probably across the hall from the ones who were telling me how long (& then short) my skirt should be.  oh, and at the same table with the ones who declared i must never wear my plaid shirt with the stripped skirt i just got!  lest someone might think i was either mentally retarded or a begger!  was that a covert way of putting those unfortunate folks in ‘uniforms’??  you know, to keep the rest of ‘us’ safe??

i clearly remember the day we went to see uncle dick’s and aunt mae’s ‘new’ house.  oh, YES, i thought when i saw the kitchen – i love it!!  and finally!!  i seem to recall my mother’s opinion a tad different from mine. ^_^  it was turqoise and olive green and beautiful to me.  i was in my teens.

and now, we flash forward to today.  much has changed in the world of color and pattern and print – a very gross understatement! ^_^  and here i am fully engaged in the world of color as it applies to fabric and quilting.  a small world in which i seem to have acquired a reputation for having “a good sense of color”. hmmm  i think what that means is – for the most part, what i do/how i combine colors, appeals to most people – even when it tends to push them a little outside their comfort zone – “i never would have put those together, but i really like it/love it”.  i have never taken a course, have made a point of not learning the proper terms with regard to the words folks who claim to know use – shade, hue, tone – etc. oh, and then there’s the handy dandy color wheel thingy.  not for me!!  truth is, don’t want to interfere with the natural process!  those who know me know very well i am a control freak (the nicer term) ^_^  i prefer to keep my mind/brain out of the process and just let my heart/gut/feelings run the color show!!  so far, so good. ^_^

so – my concern about that green is not about the current rules – i just can’t do what doesn’t feel good for me.  seems a good way to live in many ways – maybe???   i am confident my client and i will reach a mutual agreement.  i  know the finished piece must both please her and fit within her home ‘decor’ – it’s not something purchased as a wal-mart special.  if you spend good money, you need to get something “good” for you!!