wish i had something clever to write today – don’t.  and really need to be getting on with it here, to prepare for leaving on monday.  not a show; classes.  will be doing the beginning class on tues(in fallon, nv) for those who were unable to attend the last time.  and then, we will do the follow-up class on wed – for ‘everyone’.  i will be staying with a nice couple – same ones who housed me last time.  and they welcome sophie as well – nice.  hey, if you live in the area and want to try your hand at applique, probably room in the first class.  contact info probably on their website

http://www.nvquiltguild.org – phone on my show app is 775-423-1938, don’t actually know if that gets you a ‘live’ person?? ^_^

ok, i guess i have avoided getting started here long enough.  already 10:00 and i’ve  not even eaten!  must then head to garage to count things – primarily kits.  i do have shows coming up!  at least i can say i have finished kits etc for the classes – probably have enough for the next one also??  kits are ‘optional’, so not everyone buys one.

peace, love, and beauty   http://www.artfullyapplique.com