i leave for fallon, nv today.  am teaching the beginner class tomorrow, for anyone who couldn’t make it last time – and then the follow-up class for those who did, this time & last.  i’ve been home for the whole month and the hermit is not likin’ the idea of leaving again. 🙂  have been dealing with a small dark cloud around me the past couple of days.  have just let it be and gotten on with it, so am prepared for the class.  was feeling like cloud was lifting, then made the mistake of reading some of the news about the hurricane.  not the best decision.

am hoping the notions order arrives before 3:00 – was on track to be here thurs/friday but just one small problem – they shipped it to the wrong address.  not sure how they discovered it – i guess it got to wrong place thurs?  they scrambled to put second one together for me – just a couple little problems: 1) some of the thread colors i had ordered, i got the last ones. (well, someone did) 2) there is no ups sat. delivery in p’ville, ca!  so, must wait to leave today till ups arrives.  i have no idea what time they come to this area. grrr  also, at first it sounded like they had charged my account twice & would not be refunding until they got the first package back.  huh!! ? are you kidding me!  just because it was(the second one) ‘authorized’ (=cleared) “today” does NOT mean there’s really that much money there!!  could cause a check to bounce!!  as it turns out, i guess they had also charged the wrong person cause the first one has not shown up in my account!  so, someone else could be having that problem!  never good to have $200 just kind of float out of your checking account!!  this picture kind of fits all that – those eyes. ^_^  that’s logan – he’ll soon be 8 months old.

ok, now can’t type below it, so

peace, love and beauty