November 2011

have now cut the pieces for the next jacket.  you must create a little patchwork for each section of the jacket and from those you then cut the actual pattern pieces.  once again, was able to use fabrics (long time) on hand and only had to purchase a trim (which isn’t shown in this picture – it’s just a solid olive).  i think this one and the blue & yellow will be priced at $100, since used fabric from my ‘stash’.  not sure about ‘new fabric’ ones – at least $125, maybe $150.  always tough for me to include a fair cost for my ‘labor’. ^_^ ok, can’t even, really.  no one would pay that much!  hmmm, perhaps my conversation could use a little ‘tweaking’??

this just shows the fabrics and how they will be arranged on the back – no sewing done yet.

took this picture some time ago – all those leaves are now gone.  it was the view from my front window.  the dogwood was brighter red this year – at least according to my not so reliable memory. ^_^

ok, enough of this fooling around – have a lot to do – including ‘santa work’!!  time’s a’wastin’

peace, love and beauty

it is my goal to have some finished jackets for sale in the booth this year – course, wouldn’t mind selling some ahead of time either! ^_^  these two are ready for the final phase – the adding of the trim/neck piece and ‘hemming’/top stitching.  the blue & yellow one is ‘flannel’ and the blue one is reversible, with black on the other side as well as the trim. i have fabric for 2 more of the flannel ones – not sure i can come up with enough fabric on hand for another reversible.  i had several sets at one time and sold all but this one as such. sure wish there weren’t Christmas between now and the next show!






peace, love and beauty

just a quick note to promise a post with a picture of latest jacket (for sale) later today.  also, found a new site for selling art online, and it’s free.  i put the 3 pins i have left on and am hoping it inspires me to get busy finishing some!!  check it out – looks like some nice, high quality stuff!!

am now working on jackets to sell.  have done this in the past and am happy to report they all (eventually) did sell.  i managed to put together a blue & yellow flannel one from what i had on hand, plus the purchase of something for the trim.  for that reason, it will sell for just $100.  the second one i have gathered will sell for $125.  for any that i purchase new fabric for, i will be charging $150 – to reflect the current (outrageous) cost of flannel.

i also pulled out a kit i had put together for a reversible one.  for those kits, i had done the initial sewing – the creating of the small ‘patchworks’ from which you cut the actual jacket pieces.  i had also sewn the pockets, so they are ready to be sewn onto the fronts.  i found enough of the one fabric so i can use it for the ‘lining’.  i’m not sure what i will charge for that one.  for any that i make from current fabrics, the cost will have to be $175.  this one will either be $125 or $150.  even at those prices, not making much “per hour” – nothing new there!

took a picture of the blue & yellow for facebook post – it’s just the fronts with the pockets & trim piece, to show the fabrics/colors – only the pockets actually sewn.






and now it is time to drag my body to the shower and then back to the sewing machine.  onward & upward.

love, peace, beauty

just finished this one yesterday- however, this picture is not the ‘finished’ product!  unfortunately when i laid it out to take this, i realized the pocket on the left was ‘wrong’!  had to remove it and ‘turn it over’ so the ‘red’ is the pocket and the flap is the lighter fabric.  not a difficult task, pretty darn annoying!  i will also admit that it was not the only UN-sewing done during the course of completing this one!  why is it so hard to keep my mind and my hands in the same time & space???





today while journaling i came up with the idea to add an optional configuration to the reversible jacket.  one of the early jackets i made, and the one i wear, has the ginko design on the back.  i used the ‘focal’ fabric for the main piece of the ginko and split the back into 3 sections.  going to create an additional worksheet and include with the pattern.  i also offer the ginko(or other) pattern for $5 with the purchase of the jacket pattern – i just haven’t had that sample in the booth for a long time(mostly cause it has another variation i don’t want to include).  i will make a new sample for this configuration using more current fabrics.

i am also attempting to enroll my sister in the marketing and production of these jackets – and to design some(thing) of her own!!  it looks like a really fun way to re-connect and create something good for both of us.  she lives in ohio – a long way from calif!!  i wonder if she will??

have finally finished the most recent commission piece.  it must still go to a quilter and then be bound and a hanging sleeve added.  i’m just so happy the applique is complete and ecstatic i was actually able to construct what i had roughly drawn!!  here’s hoping the recipient/owner likes it!






and now it’s on to linda’s jacket for the shop in their new location – here in placerville!!  in case you are in this area, are a quilter/sewer person and are familiar with high sierra quilters – the shop is now here, on broadway – out by grocery outlet!!  nice space.  still small, but nice and bright.  lots of great fabrics.  flannel jacket pattern will be there once i get the sample finished. ^_^


peace, love, beauty