just finished this one yesterday- however, this picture is not the ‘finished’ product!  unfortunately when i laid it out to take this, i realized the pocket on the left was ‘wrong’!  had to remove it and ‘turn it over’ so the ‘red’ is the pocket and the flap is the lighter fabric.  not a difficult task, pretty darn annoying!  i will also admit that it was not the only UN-sewing done during the course of completing this one!  why is it so hard to keep my mind and my hands in the same time & space???





today while journaling i came up with the idea to add an optional configuration to the reversible jacket.  one of the early jackets i made, and the one i wear, has the ginko design on the back.  i used the ‘focal’ fabric for the main piece of the ginko and split the back into 3 sections.  going to create an additional worksheet and include with the pattern.  i also offer the ginko(or other) pattern for $5 with the purchase of the jacket pattern – i just haven’t had that sample in the booth for a long time(mostly cause it has another variation i don’t want to include).  i will make a new sample for this configuration using more current fabrics.

i am also attempting to enroll my sister in the marketing and production of these jackets – and to design some(thing) of her own!!  it looks like a really fun way to re-connect and create something good for both of us.  she lives in ohio – a long way from calif!!  i wonder if she will??