am now working on jackets to sell.  have done this in the past and am happy to report they all (eventually) did sell.  i managed to put together a blue & yellow flannel one from what i had on hand, plus the purchase of something for the trim.  for that reason, it will sell for just $100.  the second one i have gathered will sell for $125.  for any that i purchase new fabric for, i will be charging $150 – to reflect the current (outrageous) cost of flannel.

i also pulled out a kit i had put together for a reversible one.  for those kits, i had done the initial sewing – the creating of the small ‘patchworks’ from which you cut the actual jacket pieces.  i had also sewn the pockets, so they are ready to be sewn onto the fronts.  i found enough of the one fabric so i can use it for the ‘lining’.  i’m not sure what i will charge for that one.  for any that i make from current fabrics, the cost will have to be $175.  this one will either be $125 or $150.  even at those prices, not making much “per hour” – nothing new there!

took a picture of the blue & yellow for facebook post – it’s just the fronts with the pockets & trim piece, to show the fabrics/colors – only the pockets actually sewn.






and now it is time to drag my body to the shower and then back to the sewing machine.  onward & upward.

love, peace, beauty