have now cut the pieces for the next jacket.  you must create a little patchwork for each section of the jacket and from those you then cut the actual pattern pieces.  once again, was able to use fabrics (long time) on hand and only had to purchase a trim (which isn’t shown in this picture – it’s just a solid olive).  i think this one and the blue & yellow will be priced at $100, since used fabric from my ‘stash’.  not sure about ‘new fabric’ ones – at least $125, maybe $150.  always tough for me to include a fair cost for my ‘labor’. ^_^ ok, can’t even, really.  no one would pay that much!  hmmm, perhaps my conversation could use a little ‘tweaking’??

this just shows the fabrics and how they will be arranged on the back – no sewing done yet.

took this picture some time ago – all those leaves are now gone.  it was the view from my front window.  the dogwood was brighter red this year – at least according to my not so reliable memory. ^_^

ok, enough of this fooling around – have a lot to do – including ‘santa work’!!  time’s a’wastin’

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