October 2012

ok, except for being quilted.  i am at least considering doing that by hand. it’s a long time before my next show in january and figure i could get a really good start before.  then again????????????? ^_^  i’m not very good at figuring out exactly what to quilt in the open spaces – and this piece has a good bit of that.  i may, therefore, get in touch with the last person i hired – we shall just see where i’m lead.  for now – it is hanging for me to ponder.

i don’t know if it will even sell – not a project for ‘sissies’ .  obviously not impossible – a good kind of challenge if you are into it.  worth the journey if you love it.  there will be kits – not many if the ‘inflow’ doesn’t increase a bit.  limitation being the background/border/binding fabric – don’t have but about half a bolt and will need a good amount for each kit – not like the normal 6×9 pieces!! ^_^

just posting a picture of the tiger lily as of ‘day 4’ – making progress!!  let me know what you think.

a few days ago, with the urging of my good friend tammy, i finally forced myself to pick up pencil and apply it to paper.  it was scary and i expected the finished design to take several day.  amazingly, the drawing was essentially finished in that first day.  the following day, i finalized, retraced in ink and added numbers.  also chose the other fabrics – that is, other than the flower petal ones.  those had been chosen and dyed by tammy some time ago – the reason she was bugging me. ^_^  i even got the loooong piece of stem made – my way (which you can see in the blog entitled “skinny stems”).  it will be enough for all of the stems – i will just adjust the width as required.  and late that same day, sat down to stitch!!!  didn’t get much done, but was at it the next day – which i am calling “day 1”.

so, here are pictures of the drawing and where i was after ‘day 2’ – am now in ‘day 3’ and moving right along!!



      well, can’t seem to get them separated here – on well, guess you can see well enough.  while i like the fabric i’m using, ‘ok’, i have just ordered something that might look even better??  if i still think so when i see it for real – will have tammy dye it this same color and will use it in the kits.  will also, then, probably sell this one as fat qtrs – for those who prefer it.  i realize you can’t see that fabric much yet – stay tuned. ^_^

just thought i’d keep this blog a little more current than i have for the past year or so –

so, piqf was a good show for me.  i can honestly say that being up front has made a difference.  i’m certain part of it is ‘self-created’ as i do believe we create what we think, etc.  however, there is definitely a little different energy at the front.  and it’s amazing on day 1, when they do that silly count-down and all those nearly hysterical women come rushing thru all those doorways!  ^_^  it’s a little less crazy each day after.

so, as a result of good sales i am feeling ok about next year.  am able to at least make deposits on all the shows i really want to do.  have made the decision to return to tucson even tho it was a disaster last year.  it has always been good before that, so will give it one more chance.  i won’t, then, be doing san francisco – not because of dates -just finances.  can’t really justify san fran based on last time.  am still waiting to hear from watsonville – not sure what’s happening there???  perhaps today i will update the show schedule on the webpage – keep forgetting to do that.

here is a picture of the fabulous plant/flower that showed up in my garden this summer.  i think it’s going to be the next new design.  i will just have to make sure it’s very different from my good friend bobbie’s design!!





tammy even dyed some commercial fabric for me that i hope is going to look perfect!! ^_^






stay tuned.

and so my time is essentially up.  i have worked really hard the past few days – mostly because i didn’t work hard enough last week. 😦   i finished 3 of the 4 jackets – barely.  have never had so much trouble.  the first 2 went ok, #3 gave me fits and after a few tries, i finally gave up.  had the same trouble with the fourth one today and probably lost at least 3 hours on it.  was determined.  still not sure what was happening – fabric stretched or something.  not the machine – even changed, still same problem.  so, here they are and they will be available in the booth at piqf.  what doesn’t sell will still be available. ^_^












still have a lot to do before heading out tomorrow about 11:00 – at least the van is loaded!  just personal stuff left.

i am now down to just 2 full days before i leave for “the big show” on wed.  am i ready??  nearly.  should be able to complete all the patterns and kits today and regain possession of my bedroom!  full of tubs at the moment.  then i will tackle those jackets again – i have 4 ‘in process’ – 2 of them ready for the final step=hemming.  the 3rd one gave me all kinds of fits and i eventually had to just give up.  will finish the last one before i go back to that one!  not sure what the heck i’m doing “wrong”, have never had this much trouble with that neck trim piece.  grrrr

oh, so what’s the show, you may ask – it’s Pacific International Quilt Festival. (aka PIQF) if you live anywhere ‘out west’, you’ve probably heard of it.  a really wonderful show – amazing and true ‘art’ in the quilts and lots of great vendors – like me. ^_^  you need at least 2 days to see and appreciate it all – more if you take advantage of classes and/or lectures.  i did a couple of those before i was a vendor – very enjoyable and informative.

i don’t have much in the way of new designs, but do have some new samples – as i posted last time – using my friend tammy’s hand dyed fabrics. check her out at alwaysuniquefabric.com    and here’s one of the samples – there’s also one of these in ‘purples’ (just as there are both in the commercial fabrics.

hope to see you there – stop and say ‘hi’.

ot sure when the last time was that i did this.  and not sure why i decided to give it a shot today.  oh, yeah, it was because someone told me she had gone to the ‘skinny stems’ post and that there was a kind of weird comment.  i just checked – nothing that i can see.  have no idea what she saw.  hmm, perhaps i need to use the link from the webpage and see if i get to the same place she did??

ok, so i think i will just share some of the new sample pictures.  i have recently discovered that using my friend tammy’s wonderful hand dyed fabric actually not only works – they look pretty fabulous!!  i was so anxious to see that the first ones i did were fused – just couldn’t wait.  i did 6 and gave them to tammy to do as she pleased.  and here is what she created!!  and it is now available as a kit – complete with fabrics to do all, even the binding AND includes all 6 patterns – for the (very) low price of just $54!!  you can find them on my webpage, or in either of our booths at a show – the next being PIQF in Santa Clara, CA.  i also did a 4 season thing that is just one pattern done in 4 color ways to represent the seasons.  i used one of my easiest designs.  that one is hand appliqued.  it also includes all fabrics and the pattern.  the only fabric not included would be your choice for a narrow inner border.  i figured you might want to choose which color to accent.  the cost of that one is just $24.50!

Image   Image

guess that’s it for this time.  will hopefully return soon(er) and do some of my ramblings. ^_^