ot sure when the last time was that i did this.  and not sure why i decided to give it a shot today.  oh, yeah, it was because someone told me she had gone to the ‘skinny stems’ post and that there was a kind of weird comment.  i just checked – nothing that i can see.  have no idea what she saw.  hmm, perhaps i need to use the link from the webpage and see if i get to the same place she did??

ok, so i think i will just share some of the new sample pictures.  i have recently discovered that using my friend tammy’s wonderful hand dyed fabric actually not only works – they look pretty fabulous!!  i was so anxious to see that the first ones i did were fused – just couldn’t wait.  i did 6 and gave them to tammy to do as she pleased.  and here is what she created!!  and it is now available as a kit – complete with fabrics to do all, even the binding AND includes all 6 patterns – for the (very) low price of just $54!!  you can find them on my webpage, or in either of our booths at a show – the next being PIQF in Santa Clara, CA.  i also did a 4 season thing that is just one pattern done in 4 color ways to represent the seasons.  i used one of my easiest designs.  that one is hand appliqued.  it also includes all fabrics and the pattern.  the only fabric not included would be your choice for a narrow inner border.  i figured you might want to choose which color to accent.  the cost of that one is just $24.50!

Image   Image

guess that’s it for this time.  will hopefully return soon(er) and do some of my ramblings. ^_^