i am now down to just 2 full days before i leave for “the big show” on wed.  am i ready??  nearly.  should be able to complete all the patterns and kits today and regain possession of my bedroom!  full of tubs at the moment.  then i will tackle those jackets again – i have 4 ‘in process’ – 2 of them ready for the final step=hemming.  the 3rd one gave me all kinds of fits and i eventually had to just give up.  will finish the last one before i go back to that one!  not sure what the heck i’m doing “wrong”, have never had this much trouble with that neck trim piece.  grrrr

oh, so what’s the show, you may ask – it’s Pacific International Quilt Festival. (aka PIQF) if you live anywhere ‘out west’, you’ve probably heard of it.  a really wonderful show – amazing and true ‘art’ in the quilts and lots of great vendors – like me. ^_^  you need at least 2 days to see and appreciate it all – more if you take advantage of classes and/or lectures.  i did a couple of those before i was a vendor – very enjoyable and informative.

i don’t have much in the way of new designs, but do have some new samples – as i posted last time – using my friend tammy’s hand dyed fabrics. check her out at alwaysuniquefabric.com    and here’s one of the samples – there’s also one of these in ‘purples’ (just as there are both in the commercial fabrics.

hope to see you there – stop and say ‘hi’.