just thought i’d keep this blog a little more current than i have for the past year or so –

so, piqf was a good show for me.  i can honestly say that being up front has made a difference.  i’m certain part of it is ‘self-created’ as i do believe we create what we think, etc.  however, there is definitely a little different energy at the front.  and it’s amazing on day 1, when they do that silly count-down and all those nearly hysterical women come rushing thru all those doorways!  ^_^  it’s a little less crazy each day after.

so, as a result of good sales i am feeling ok about next year.  am able to at least make deposits on all the shows i really want to do.  have made the decision to return to tucson even tho it was a disaster last year.  it has always been good before that, so will give it one more chance.  i won’t, then, be doing san francisco – not because of dates -just finances.  can’t really justify san fran based on last time.  am still waiting to hear from watsonville – not sure what’s happening there???  perhaps today i will update the show schedule on the webpage – keep forgetting to do that.

here is a picture of the fabulous plant/flower that showed up in my garden this summer.  i think it’s going to be the next new design.  i will just have to make sure it’s very different from my good friend bobbie’s design!!





tammy even dyed some commercial fabric for me that i hope is going to look perfect!! ^_^






stay tuned.