a few days ago, with the urging of my good friend tammy, i finally forced myself to pick up pencil and apply it to paper.  it was scary and i expected the finished design to take several day.  amazingly, the drawing was essentially finished in that first day.  the following day, i finalized, retraced in ink and added numbers.  also chose the other fabrics – that is, other than the flower petal ones.  those had been chosen and dyed by tammy some time ago – the reason she was bugging me. ^_^  i even got the loooong piece of stem made – my way (which you can see in the blog entitled “skinny stems”).  it will be enough for all of the stems – i will just adjust the width as required.  and late that same day, sat down to stitch!!!  didn’t get much done, but was at it the next day – which i am calling “day 1”.

so, here are pictures of the drawing and where i was after ‘day 2’ – am now in ‘day 3’ and moving right along!!



      well, can’t seem to get them separated here – on well, guess you can see well enough.  while i like the fabric i’m using, ‘ok’, i have just ordered something that might look even better??  if i still think so when i see it for real – will have tammy dye it this same color and will use it in the kits.  will also, then, probably sell this one as fat qtrs – for those who prefer it.  i realize you can’t see that fabric much yet – stay tuned. ^_^