ok, except for being quilted.  i am at least considering doing that by hand. it’s a long time before my next show in january and figure i could get a really good start before.  then again????????????? ^_^  i’m not very good at figuring out exactly what to quilt in the open spaces – and this piece has a good bit of that.  i may, therefore, get in touch with the last person i hired – we shall just see where i’m lead.  for now – it is hanging for me to ponder.

i don’t know if it will even sell – not a project for ‘sissies’ .  obviously not impossible – a good kind of challenge if you are into it.  worth the journey if you love it.  there will be kits – not many if the ‘inflow’ doesn’t increase a bit.  limitation being the background/border/binding fabric – don’t have but about half a bolt and will need a good amount for each kit – not like the normal 6×9 pieces!! ^_^