November 2012

i have just finished all the nitty-gritty stuff and will be adding the tiger lily to the webpage in just a few minutes.  hmm, given how i’m feeling, guess i’d best ‘break for lunch’ first!!  i often forget!  feeling a tad shaky. 😦  oops!!  so, here’s the picture – in case you missed it. ^_^

tiger done

just one more bud and a few beads and this baby will be ready!  trying to get myself motivated today – not having much luck.  have plenty of ‘other’ work to do – to publish all the new patterns and to cut all the kits.  and here i am on this thing instead. ^_^

thought i’d post the next progress picture – even tho i have now done even more. i will post again tomorrow – heck, it might even be finished by then!!  it is coming along nicely, i think ?????

it is the day after – and hoping everyone had a lovely day.  it was a lot of hours in the car for us, still – nice people, good food and i am deeply grateful.

and am now back stitching – have begun the full size hibiscus and thought i’d post progress pictures.  going to have to put the framing circle on before i can do much more.  not sure – can do all the ‘upper’ things – buds, etc.  we shall see.

took some days off cause i had a visitor from out of town – however, been stitchin’ the past couple days.  as a result i was able to finish the 3rd one (of 4) of the new series.  these will be just 8″ squares – and while i could call them ‘simple’ – that does not mean ‘easy’.  they are just smaller projects – they are still challenging.  i think a great way to push yourself a little, perhaps like ‘training’ for a big project. ^_^

so, here’s “Cone Alone” ^_^

well, not really sunshine – just a bright sunny yellow. ^_^

i worked really diligently the other day- the last day i had tv, which helped to keep my butt in the chair and needle and thread in my hand – and finished the blossom for the ‘petite’ susan.  i still have the second leaf to do, but thought i’d share anyway – cause it’s a little dark and rainy here today.

obviously that’s not really a ‘petite’ flower!  this is just the 3rd of the 4 ‘abbreviated’ designs i have done – which are the start of a new series called “La Petite Nearly Nouveau”.  Each one will be a single blossom and couple of leaves, minimum.  the hibiscus also has a bud.  i have just gathered the fabrics for the cone flower and the single tiger blossom is also waiting. ^_^  these babies will be totally different from my usual fare – as there will be no framing circle – each rests within an 8″ square.  you can do them as individual ‘mini’ wallhangings – or combine them to create a larger piece – perhaps with some ‘pieced’ blocks in between??  as with all my patterns, my intention is to provide you with something that sparks your imagination. ^_^

the other thing these are ‘for’ – while they are ‘small’, they are not what i would call ‘simple’ or ‘beginner’ – they are just a smaller project, one that should feel a little less daunting, yet still allow for you to stretch a little – i think they might call it ‘growth and development’??? ^_^  well, i like to think so, anyway.

it’s not a great picture – but here’s the first hibiscus blossom, the “la petite” version.  i’m not happy with how dark the leaves are.  i guess i was so in a hurry to just get them on so i could do the blossom, i didn’t actually ‘see’ them until i was halfway thru the flower. oops.  so, i will not be using that dark green for the full size one!  i am also considering doing this one with the petals done ‘in reverse’ with regard to dark vs light.  i can do that using the same piece i used for this one!  those who purchase these kits will have way more of that fabric than will be used – just how it must be to be able to fussy cut for this effect!  always good for stash building. ^_^

and now it’s on to the big boy!!

and now, there are 4 in the new series – and it is called “La Petite Nearly Nouveau”.  these are 8″ blocks, so not really ‘mini’ – plus, i did not want to cause confusion!  there is already a “Mini Ancient Art” series!  yes, it seemed these could have been called ‘Mini Nearly Nouveau” – i have just learned it can get confusing!

so, i have the fabric that tammy dyed especially for the hibiscus – have decided to do the one shown below first because she ‘can’t wait to see how it works’. ^_^  there are few pieces that must be done before the blossom.  and it looks like the kits will be $12.  they will include enough of the background fabric to do the binding, as these are intended to be small ‘wallhangings’ if done individually.  if you choose to put them together – i guess you will have to choose your own background fabric to have them all be the same.  i am thinking i may offer them as a group package, patterns only – singly they will be as kits only.

i had hoped to get started on one of these – alas, no background fabric do i have.  ok, i do have some, but not willing to use on one of these.  the one i normally use for the regular ‘susan’ i also use for the fuchsia and it is in ‘short supply’ – as are the funds to order ‘bolts’.  the one i used on the new tiger – same story.  i am probably going to replace them both with something from tammy.  however, will have to wait till tomorrow to do/get.  going  to go ahead and cut what i have for the tiger kits – the full-size ones.  then can get it published!

so, i am hoping these are not so simple as to be ‘boring’ – that they will fit for those who want something small and less challenging than the big guys – but more ‘interesting’ than my “super simple, beginner patterns”.  as i stated in last post – they will be offered only as kits, just like the beginner ones – only definitely more than $5. ^_^  they will be 8″ squares and will debut in tucson in january.  the way it’s feeling right now – there will probably be more. ^_^

first, will speak of a new idea i just had and have already begun!  i wanted to offer the tiger lily in yellow, but wasn’t too keen on doing  a whole new sample, even if i cheated and just fused it.  then thought, well, maybe just the one blossom??  and that led to – hey, maybe a new ‘mini series’ – as in – some 8″  squares with just one blossom and a couple of leaves?!  so, now have those drawn for the tiger and the susan!!  tried to take pictures – camera battery dead.  rats.  have my eye on the hibiscus as well – then, who knows.  they will be offered as kits only – kind of like the beginning ones.  haven’t yet calculated the price – off top of my head am thinking around $10??  could end up more??  fabric will include enough for binding, so you can actually create a ‘mini’ wallhanging. ^_^  do a few and hang in a group??

so, for the color on this rainy day – thought i’d post a couple of the samples i did using tammy’s hand dyes.  these are available on the webpage for $16.50.  if you love and you already have the pattern – fabric would be $8.50. ^_^

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