i had no idea i was going to do this flower next!  in my head i was thinking either morning glory(to fulfill a long ago request!) or perhaps a clematis – or both, as could end up being another ‘pair’ since both are vines.  was i looking for morning glory pictures?  i knew i had taken many, many pictures – did i print some??  and there they were – many, many – wait, not morning glory – hibiscus!!  huh??  wow, had completely forgotten about that plant.  was it another from the concord show?  they used to do that, use live plants and then give one to each vendor at end of show.  that’s the source of my cyclamen pattern (and that one is still going strong and about to bloom again!)  anyway – the pictures were so old there is the “thinking outside the circle” quilt in progress in the background!!  (that’s one of those rare quilts i actually finished!  hangs in bedroom – i love it. use it in the ‘trunk show’ – bold colors. red, black, white, etc)

so, that was sunday and i was not having a great day – feeling kind of attacked by negative feelings, grrrr.  so, forced myself to begin drawing and got the first attempt done.  then went out to dig in the dirt for additional therapy.  neither activity fully successful, still – i had a nearly completed drawing – yea!!  on monday, more emotions, the ‘for no reason’ kind – so back to the drawing board and rearranged and added more leaves, etc.  and ended up with a drawing i like and will be doing!  have enrolled tammy in creating special fabric – so, stay tuned!  won’t get that fabric till this weekend – not sure if i will start it before then.  have another hand dye sample (#11, peony) to finish and a mini half sewn onto last dress (will post that tomorrow).

so, here’s the drawing:


   this one will be the same size as the black eyed susan – that is, a 12″ circle instead of the normal 10″.