so, i finally finished the mini on the last dress.  funny thing is, this is the very first of those dresses i bought!  way back in 2003 on my first trip to houston!  at this point i have several – ok, just had to go count- there are 10!!  a looong time ago, i began something on this dress, tried to do something directly on it, not like i normally do – which is to do the mini on a normal white background which i secure to the dress by appliqueing a framing circle.  i decided to try doing  just one of the three leaves from the regular size ginko pattern.  i hated it – both the way it looked and the fabrics i chose – so, it never got finished.  i still wore it and could not believe people didn’t even notice it was unfinished!!  after purchasing the last couple dresses – i just stopped wearing this one.  it’s been on my ‘to do’  for a long time.  and now it is complete. ^_^                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

and now i’m going to work on the #11/peony sample that i began some time ago, another one using Tammy’s hand dyed fabric. i won’t begin the hibiscus until after my trip to see tammy and get the special fabric she is dyeing for me.  could start it, but prefer to choose the other fabrics after i know what the petals will be.