i had hoped to get started on one of these – alas, no background fabric do i have.  ok, i do have some, but not willing to use on one of these.  the one i normally use for the regular ‘susan’ i also use for the fuchsia and it is in ‘short supply’ – as are the funds to order ‘bolts’.  the one i used on the new tiger – same story.  i am probably going to replace them both with something from tammy.  however, will have to wait till tomorrow to do/get.  going  to go ahead and cut what i have for the tiger kits – the full-size ones.  then can get it published!

so, i am hoping these are not so simple as to be ‘boring’ – that they will fit for those who want something small and less challenging than the big guys – but more ‘interesting’ than my “super simple, beginner patterns”.  as i stated in last post – they will be offered only as kits, just like the beginner ones – only definitely more than $5. ^_^  they will be 8″ squares and will debut in tucson in january.  the way it’s feeling right now – there will probably be more. ^_^