and now, there are 4 in the new series – and it is called “La Petite Nearly Nouveau”.  these are 8″ blocks, so not really ‘mini’ – plus, i did not want to cause confusion!  there is already a “Mini Ancient Art” series!  yes, it seemed these could have been called ‘Mini Nearly Nouveau” – i have just learned it can get confusing!

so, i have the fabric that tammy dyed especially for the hibiscus – have decided to do the one shown below first because she ‘can’t wait to see how it works’. ^_^  there are few pieces that must be done before the blossom.  and it looks like the kits will be $12.  they will include enough of the background fabric to do the binding, as these are intended to be small ‘wallhangings’ if done individually.  if you choose to put them together – i guess you will have to choose your own background fabric to have them all be the same.  i am thinking i may offer them as a group package, patterns only – singly they will be as kits only.