December 2012

i finally pushed myself to do it – add the beads to the full-size hibiscus.  have no idea howcome i didn’t wanna – annoying when that happens. ^_^  so, here’s a close-up of that area.  and once i post this, i’m off to add this one to the webpage – along with the smaller version.  yea!  and that completes all the new designs.  still have the peony hand dye sample to finish and cut those kits and add to page.  then??  guess i’ll have to buckle down and do the restocking.  oh, and have to do some rearranging on the racks to fit all the new stuff on!!  can’t sell it in the booth if you can’t see it! ^_^

hibis beads

i have now completed all 4 of the new smaller designs and have published 3 – will do the 4th today and get it posted on the webpage!  still have kits to cut.  i also have all the pieces together – copies of everything – to add the package of all 4 patterns.  while the individual ones will be kits only – you can purchase the 4 patterns in one package for $26 (each pattern being valued at $8).  here is how they will be displayed in the booth – except i have changed the order – put the tiger at the top, then hibiscus, susan, cone.  kind of wish that molding came in black – have only ever seen it white.  could only get scratched i think – if i tried to ‘paint’ it.  hmmm – wonder if a sharpie would hold up???  may try on a spare piece and see how easily it scratches.

oh, they are available on the webpage – each kit is $10.50.  if you purchase all 4, i would do for $36.  will put the last one and group on today.


la petite 4

I have finished the 3rd of the 4 small flowers.  well, the blocks are just 8″, the flowers are actually kinda large. ^_^  the 4th one is nearly finished – just needs a bud and a leaf.  maybe tomorrow??

so, here is the tiger lily done in yellow and just the one blossom.  all 3 are now available on the page.


petite tiger