January 2013

bought some new fabric the other day cause just don’t have anything in my stash for this one.  not been anything available lately that turns me on enough to buy a whole bolt!  i love these colors – hope someone else does as well. ^_^

new #2 peacock








i’ll be in watsonville, ca end of this month – stop by if you’re in that area.  show is at the santa cruz fairgrounds, feb 23,24

Yes, I too fall victim to the thoughts of lack and limitation and all the fear associated with those thoughts!  I recently received what for me was a ‘large’ sum of money and initially had to stay awake to my thoughts about it being ‘too much’/ ‘more than I deserved’ – a very subtle almost ‘tickle’ of  fear.  Today I find myself struggling to let a different fear pass on thru as what looked like ‘too much’ has quickly passed on thru!!  wow – and not spent frivolously!!  Many things that were ‘on hold’ and much needed.  Checks written and ‘post dated’ for after the next known income.  And family needs.

And so, today am doing my best to remember – it’s all flow.  And cycles.  And like the ocean – all ebbs and flows.  Funny part is, this time I even know when the next inflow is coming – and even the assured amount is more than sufficient!  Still – that old  fear is doing it’s best to grab hold of me.  I have lived my life in fear of lack AND, now know that my beliefs about myself also created lack – in fact, there was an unconscious belief that made having ‘enough/too much’ more fearful than lack!  Now that’s a formula for success – NOT!!!  Kind of like becoming afraid each night the sun goes down cause you think it has gone forever. And all the next day being afraid it’s going to go away again.   And my guess is that most of us have lived most of ours lives in that kind of ‘vicious’ cycle!  And never noticed we were always afraid.

And so, today, am putting my attention on what I now know is true – the sun shall rise and set each day – and money shall flow into and out of my life/’hands’ – and it is all natural flow.  And my natural state of being is Love, Peace, Joy, Abundance and Grace.

I find myself wondering how the world would look if each of us accepted the Truth and the responsibility for creating both our individual life and that of the world.  When will we fully get that we are the creators of our reality – of all the circumstances within our life?  When will we realize that the pathway to peace is not thru war – and know that illness/disease is something we at least accept – not the result of having been ‘attacked’ by germs or viruses.  Perhaps ‘flu season’ was simply some clever marketing scheme due to lagging sales in ‘get well cards’?  Or a way to boost sales for some pharmecutical??  (hmmm, says no errors in spelling, so why is it red and not looking right?) ^_^  And once the mass consciousness bought into it – it happened!  At least to most folks.  And how many folks are making themselves sick thru their speaking?

How?, you may ask – well, how about “I’m sick and tired of _____________”  or “I hate _______________”.  Yes, the energy of ‘hate’ is very damaging to the one having that ‘feeling’!

Until we fully get and accept that we get to have our life anyway we say – and that what we currently have is a result of what we HAVE spoken, thought, and believed – well, we can expect only ‘more of the same’.  “It is done unto you as you believe” – not idle words!  Just what’s so – the way it works – the Law.  You can only have what you choose, ask for and accept.  As long as you consider yourself a victim of your current circumstance, that is what you will continue to ‘be’/get – for how your thoughts are received by the Law are as requests!!!  And any statement of “I am” only ensures that is what shall remain ‘true’ for you.  What you shall continue to see and experience – until you change your mind!

By the way – the Law does not interpret – it does as directed, period.  To say “I want more money” will only give you more of  the same – wanting more money!!!  Given there is only One – of which we are a part, the Truth is “I am infinite Abundance”.  How does one have that actually show up in current ‘reality’??  Live each day in the feeling of Peace, Love, Joy and Gratitude.  BE those feelings and watch what happens.

not been posting since i stopped stitching!  had to concentrate on getting ready for tucson – and then there was the driving and doing of that show! ^_^  it was ‘ok’ – while i managed to make a little profit, and it was way better than last year – still not what is was a few years ago.  the new ‘norm’, i guess.  it’s ok.

as i looked at titles of the last few posts, didn’t see one that indicated i had posted pictures of all 4 of those new small blocks – the La Petite ones.  so, here they are as they were first mounted.  i have changed the order and painted that molding strip black – looks much better.  they didn’t sell as well as expected – perhaps due to being at show in desert???  we shall see how they do in watsonville.  the tiger lily did sell well – that’s a good thing. ^_^

i taught a class yesterday and while in the quilt shop purchased some fabric to do a new #2 sample – will post when done.  it will just be fused, so probably by tomorrow.  the other project planned is to put together a second collection package for the mini’s.  while i have the first 15 in one set/package – the remaining 12 are not in one set and it gets confusing for someone who really wants them all – so will do that today.

and here’s the picture

la petite 4