Yes, I too fall victim to the thoughts of lack and limitation and all the fear associated with those thoughts!  I recently received what for me was a ‘large’ sum of money and initially had to stay awake to my thoughts about it being ‘too much’/ ‘more than I deserved’ – a very subtle almost ‘tickle’ of  fear.  Today I find myself struggling to let a different fear pass on thru as what looked like ‘too much’ has quickly passed on thru!!  wow – and not spent frivolously!!  Many things that were ‘on hold’ and much needed.  Checks written and ‘post dated’ for after the next known income.  And family needs.

And so, today am doing my best to remember – it’s all flow.  And cycles.  And like the ocean – all ebbs and flows.  Funny part is, this time I even know when the next inflow is coming – and even the assured amount is more than sufficient!  Still – that old  fear is doing it’s best to grab hold of me.  I have lived my life in fear of lack AND, now know that my beliefs about myself also created lack – in fact, there was an unconscious belief that made having ‘enough/too much’ more fearful than lack!  Now that’s a formula for success – NOT!!!  Kind of like becoming afraid each night the sun goes down cause you think it has gone forever. And all the next day being afraid it’s going to go away again.   And my guess is that most of us have lived most of ours lives in that kind of ‘vicious’ cycle!  And never noticed we were always afraid.

And so, today, am putting my attention on what I now know is true – the sun shall rise and set each day – and money shall flow into and out of my life/’hands’ – and it is all natural flow.  And my natural state of being is Love, Peace, Joy, Abundance and Grace.