March 2013

as promised, here is the latest ‘creation’. this was not my idea – saw a picture on facebook and saved.  i didn’t go to the actual article and get instructions – just did my own thing.  the original was a bit more ‘refined’, i chose to make mine ‘primitive style’ – which means ya don’t have to worry about sewing straight, etc. ^_^

the cool thing is – made entirely from ‘scrap’ fabric from my ‘stash’ (quilters’ word for must save or had to have and will maybe use someday).  i chose to use flannel on the backs – a little easier to sew than extra layer of denim.  also hoped would help hold pieces in place when playing??  and, the best part – i even stuffed the pieces with fabric scraps!!  i have a huge bag-full to give to ‘someone’ to be used to stuff dog beds.  my local shop isn’t currently ‘collecting’ for a group who does that – not sure what i’m going to do with them.  intending for that to resolve itself. ^_^  so, anyway – i just chopped scraps into tiny pieces, much like you’d chop parsley.  only i used a rotary cutter instead of a knife.  i quickly resisted the notion to hold the fabric in place!!  felt way too dangerous!  have nicked a finger once or twice – that blade is very sharp!!  discovered that once i made the first cut it kind of held the fabric to the cutting mat – so not a problem.  narrow strips in one direction – repeat in opposite direction and voila’ – fabric ‘confetti’.  i also chose to do the background and batting in one piece and only ‘rag piece’ the top.  then stitched thru all layers within each little square.  i wet all the edges and into the dryer for 20 minutes – and there you have it!!

tic tac 1     tic tac 2i cut the board squares at 4″, did 1/2″ seams for the ‘ragging’.  cut the pieces at 3 1/2″.  did slightly less seam allowance on those.  about 3/8″.

for those who read yesterday’s post – mr. pepe was still not speaking to me at this point!  i didn’t use a flash, so he wasn’t frightened away.  by evening he was back to normal.  guess he had forgiven me.

ok, gotta scoot – teaching today and have once again put myself at risk of being late.

it is nearly 2:30 and my cat, mr. pepe, is still not speaking to me.  i have apologized several times and done everything i could to  let him know i didn’t do it on purpose.  he is not impressed.

so, this morning, after sophie ate, she decided she wanted out again.  as i stood there and not so patiently waited, kept checking to make sure pepe was not poised to shoot out the door when i let sophie in.  looked up again, and there she was – doing her best imitation of me – you know, like when you walk into a room and find yourself standing there thinking “now why did i come in here??”  and probably kind of looking lost.  at that point i became my not so charming self and in my ‘anger’, did what i often do to ‘vent’ same – went to slam the door.  and then i heard a squal – oops, how the hell did you get in there without my seeing you??  yes, there is a screen door. 😦  yes, he was between the two doors – only briefly, but – squashed, none the less!!

of course i quickly opened the door and pepe made a beeline for the bedroom!!  while i eventually did force him out of his hidey spot – to make him walk and make sure a visit to the vet wasn’t needed – he did not venture out here until after 1:00.  and he is definitely giving me the old ‘cold shoulder’.  it’s even more noticeable because lately he has been constantly kind of ‘bugging’ me for attention.  he’s not even sitting in my chair!  and we’ve had an ongoing battle over that!

for me, a very good example of how attempting to ‘control’ others and getting ‘angry’ when you can’t – not only doesn’t work, it can cause some actual harm – hmmmmm  animals can teach you a lot if you pay attention.  like sophie is also doing now – about unconditional love, really!  never thought i’d ever be giving anyone shots!! we have both adjusted.  the new syringes have such tiny needles, she really doesn’t seem to feel it.  amazing.  so, diabetes – under control, it seems.  next up – cushings.  much more difficult it sounds.  finally read an article – she definitely has nearly all the symptoms!  and it’s probably the cause of the diabetes.

just finished a fun project for rachel’s birthday – will post that picture tomorrow.

stay tuned.  ^_^

today i remembered – i do have something new in the works!  i am finally working on the book i began several years ago – and one i have been asked about lately – like ‘requested’. ^_^  it will not be a book that is published by C&T, or anyone like that.  could be – i’m just not choosing to do that.  and it will be spiral bound – not because that might be ‘cheaper’ – but because i want folks to be able to open it and have it lie flat.  it is to be used as a ‘teaching tool’ – with pictures for reference while you are stitching.  i am doing my best to write it the same way i teach the beginning applique class – including all the many little tips i give during those full day classes!

part of the reason it has remained ‘on the shelf’ was because i thought i had gone as far as i could without someone to hold a camera and ‘snap’ as i sewed.  i have spent the past few days redoing some of what i had done – so it really is like the class and the full size class pattern will come with it.  i am also considering doing a small cd – perhaps just using my fancy phone to make the video – nothing fancy, just very useful. ^_^

so, there are now 3 finished chapters – complete with ‘illustrations’.  i will probably begin writing the words for what’s next and then add the photos in after – that way i’ll know exactly what i want – i hope.  my friend tammy will be the lucky ‘photographer’.  she also got to be the first to read the 3 chapters.

once again, i wanted to have a picture in here.  while i was looking at the daffodils i risked life and limb to cut(they bloom on the side of the very steep lower hill of our property) – i realized they are exactly like the fabrics i use for my ‘yellow’ daffodil kit – not the normal bright, solid yellow variety – these are bigger and more ‘open’ and the petals are creamy yellow and trumpets are brighter yellow.  took a picture to share.


daff 2013

i haven’t created any new designs – or even samples, so haven’t written anything in quite some time.  this one is part ‘business’, part ‘personal’.

so, the watsonville show was very good for me – a good bit better than last year.  and it was much needed.  i was also between 2 lovely women – new vendors (for me), and that made it even nicer.  plus, the weather was just about perfect -(sometimes it can be very wet),  and that meant i could park right next to the bldg – which made caring for sophie easy!  and that brings me to the more personal news.

a couple week ago i discovered my dear, little sophie dog has diabetes.  and, something called “cushings disease” – which, believe it or not, i find much more troublesome.  it does explain the hair loss, as well as the total change in her hair in general.  also explains why her tummy still looks ‘fat’ even tho i am feeding her ‘bare minimum’.  and in addition, explains howcome she can no longer jump up, etc.  i don’t yet know the full extent of that one – we are still in the first part of treating the diabetes.  she goes back on thurs. for the whole day.  they do a glucose level ‘curve’ to assure current dosage is correct, etc.  yes, more $$$.

so, all of that on top of the van repairs done before and after the trip to tucson – well, a good show was very welcome!!

as for business ‘news’ – i am finally actively working on ‘the book’, yea!  i think i have the first 3 chapters completed – now it’s time for “lights, camera, action” and a lot more words about actual stitching!!  for that, i need ‘help’ – my friend tammy has volunteered.  so, next ‘play day’ at her house will include that along with fabric dying and long arm quilting!!   i have a ‘turning 20 again’ that i want to use and that means fairly heavy quilting to handle frequent washings.  doesn’t much matter what the quilting looks like.  other than messing around at a show – have never even tried to use a long arm!!  haven’t even quilted on a regular machine!!  don’t expect to be seeing it posted on here! ^_^

ok, just so there is one picture – here’s one of the surprise snow we had recently.  this is how they usually are – very wet and stick to every tiny twig.  usually gone within a few hours.  this lasted over night and into afternoon before the sun finally got to it.  it was very pretty.







onward & upward!