it is nearly 2:30 and my cat, mr. pepe, is still not speaking to me.  i have apologized several times and done everything i could to  let him know i didn’t do it on purpose.  he is not impressed.

so, this morning, after sophie ate, she decided she wanted out again.  as i stood there and not so patiently waited, kept checking to make sure pepe was not poised to shoot out the door when i let sophie in.  looked up again, and there she was – doing her best imitation of me – you know, like when you walk into a room and find yourself standing there thinking “now why did i come in here??”  and probably kind of looking lost.  at that point i became my not so charming self and in my ‘anger’, did what i often do to ‘vent’ same – went to slam the door.  and then i heard a squal – oops, how the hell did you get in there without my seeing you??  yes, there is a screen door. 😦  yes, he was between the two doors – only briefly, but – squashed, none the less!!

of course i quickly opened the door and pepe made a beeline for the bedroom!!  while i eventually did force him out of his hidey spot – to make him walk and make sure a visit to the vet wasn’t needed – he did not venture out here until after 1:00.  and he is definitely giving me the old ‘cold shoulder’.  it’s even more noticeable because lately he has been constantly kind of ‘bugging’ me for attention.  he’s not even sitting in my chair!  and we’ve had an ongoing battle over that!

for me, a very good example of how attempting to ‘control’ others and getting ‘angry’ when you can’t – not only doesn’t work, it can cause some actual harm – hmmmmm  animals can teach you a lot if you pay attention.  like sophie is also doing now – about unconditional love, really!  never thought i’d ever be giving anyone shots!! we have both adjusted.  the new syringes have such tiny needles, she really doesn’t seem to feel it.  amazing.  so, diabetes – under control, it seems.  next up – cushings.  much more difficult it sounds.  finally read an article – she definitely has nearly all the symptoms!  and it’s probably the cause of the diabetes.

just finished a fun project for rachel’s birthday – will post that picture tomorrow.

stay tuned.  ^_^