i find myself amazed at how slippery that downward slope of negative thinking is!!  one little fearful thought and whoosh, down i go like alice in the rabbit hole.  how could that be??  i have been feeling so great and positive and grateful – shows have been very good and there has been a nice cushion in the bank.  and then – today – gone!

yes, i do realize it’s all about cycles and ebb and flow.  i guess my new goal is to work on that – the cycle ‘level’, so to speak!!  nudge it up the scale a bit – not so much to increase the high end, but – to bring the low end up!!  no more scary moments/days/weeks of  “omg, if all of those come in, i’m dead meat!!”  truth is, that hasn’t happened.  does that prevent me from stressing and worrying that it will???  not so far!!  hmmmm  me thinks the solution lies – as always – in my thinking!

and there i am again – right back at “I Am enough”   good words/thoughts to live by! ^_^