i awoke the other morning with that big question on my mind – no idea why.  you know, the “why am  i here/what is my purpose?” one.  and this time i heard something quite different and found myself pondering it again this morning.

so, here’s what it looks/feels like to me, as best as i can ‘describe’ it in words.  perhaps we are given a  list of the “7 Attributes” of God, Life, the Energy that is All That Is – whatever it might be called.  here is my list:  Love, Peace, Joy, Beauty, Health, Abundance & Grace – and from that list we must choose what is to be our overlying “context” for the (Earth)-life we are about to enter.  It is within that context that our lives play out and we learn whatever and experience whatever we came here for.   and perhaps that is what is really meant by our “purpose”?  that it’s not about what we do, specifically – like ‘feed the hungry’, or ‘be a healer’ – or even the broadest term you can speak.  perhaps our purpose is to Be (within?) a context?  once again words are failing me.

so, if i say yes to that ‘concept’ – then the question ‘what is my purpose’ becomes very easy to answer!  Beauty

now this isn’t to say that you have nothing to do with the other 6!!!  for sure all of them have presented challenges and opportunities within the course of my long life! in fact, we are all actually all of them. and the one that feels right to me energetically is Beauty.  like a common thread that weaves it all together, so to speak.  that is a kind of ‘container’ in which the other 6 live???  or what colors everything else???  or the ‘filter’ thru which i see/experience everything- including the other 6??    just not speakable!  all i can say is that it has given me a little peace of mind about the whole purpose thing. ^_^  i mean, as one who is obsessed with ‘doing it right’, don’t cha know!!! ^_^