so, what does it mean when you say you “let go and let God”?  what does that look like?

it looks like patience!!  practicing patience!!  and what does that look like??  well, perhaps it’s preceded by Faith and Trust??  for sure it doesn’t look like dropping what you are doing every time the cellphone makes that sound – you know, the incoming email sound! ( i mean, because it just might be an order, don’t cha know – given i made my request for same.)   and your prayers probably don’t sound like the guy in the train station announcing departure times.  and it probably feels like peace and calm – not that raging storm going on in your gut!  and you probably don’t go around feeling like the vulture in that cartoon!! ^_^

all of that and more prompted by the realization that my current lull in income is a lesson in patience – not evidence that i have somehow, once again, failed!  and, once again, it seems – once i have made some kind of ‘declaration’, the Universe says “really?  let’s just see if you are speaking authentically”  so, if i declare i am living in faith and trust – i’d best be prepared to be ‘tested’, so to speak. ^_^  walk my talk indeed!  (hmm, a lot of once’s)

you’d think someone who does hand applique for a ‘living’ would be well trained in the art of patience!  at least that’s what those who walk into my booth think – hah, little do they know!  patience and control freak are definitely mutually exclusive!!!  and walking my little blind dog each morning gives me an ‘in your face’ opportunity to choose between those two in nearly every moment of the walk!!  i have been only marginally successful!  it’s amazing how agitated i can feel while waiting for her to choose to move again.  and then get her pointed in the right direction once she does!!  this morning was kind of funny – we were back here – at least in the driveway area up there – and she had once again stopped – i mean she doesn’t move a muscle and is usually looking away from the direction in which we had been going!  and i was forcing myself to let her be – and then – she just laid down!!  good grief!!!  ^_^ yes, she is ok – i did not have a hissy fit! ^_^  progress!!

and now i have managed to stay here typing thru a couple of ‘swishes’ on the cellphone – progress!! ^_^