i was determined to spend this ‘free’ time productively – and there wasn’t much i needed to do to get ready for the next show, given the last one was a lot less than anticipated!  so, put my attention on ‘unfinished projects’ – things that are in line with where i’d like to go next with regard to ‘what to do with my life’. ^_^  these are projects that i plan to sell at some point down the road.

so, the first was one that hadn’t even been started – until recently.  i had done an initial drawing for an idea that was born way back before i even moved out here!  once i had the drawing done, i dug out the inspiration – and was not ‘impressed’!  not exactly as i had remembered it!  and still this idea had stuck in my head for over 15 years!!  seemed it needed to be done – one way or another!  i will just have to do the center however it gets created in the present time!!  i had to take this picture outside as my (expensive!) camera flash no longer works. grrr  i thought i had cropped it – oops! ^_^

poinsettia 3







that one is currently percolating – not yet certain about that center!  have some thoughts.  so, decided to pull out ‘next’ – and the star fabric seemed to be calling to me.  no, not fabric with stars on it – fabric from which i cut diamonds to make 8-pointed kaleidoscope-type stars.  in the past, i’ve used a ‘stripe’ kind of fabric, but some years ago there was a series that came out with a lot of metallic and in 3 (or 4?) colorways!  i could not resist cause i could just see those stars!  there was also a ‘matching’ stripe.  i think they went on sale at my local shop, so i bought some of each of what they had.  i had made some stars – both the 8-pointed ‘block’ kind and some 6-pointed smaller ones to applique.  the past few days i have been working on those and cutting out a few more.  they are very simple to sew!  the real challenge/trick is in knowing how/where to place that template to get something fun and interesting – and then to do that 8 times, as exactly the same as possible!  the first thing you learn is that fabric is not printed perfectly!!  oh, and then to pin them together as perfectly as possible. ^_^  so, here’s a picture of the non-stripe and one of the stars i made from it.  the star looks finished, but it’s just lying on the same black that i will use to finish it, so the seam allowance is still showing on the outer points – they will look slightly different once ‘completed’.

star fabric

star stripe a star 1










well, ok then – since i did that, i’ll leave it.  that’s the stripe that goes with that one.  will be making some from it as well.  it kinda works better for the smaller stars.

and that, my friends, is how some crazy people spend their time. ^_^  and, yes, i do have a large project in mind for these.  only problem is – it feels beyond my piecing/quilt designing capabilities.  guess that’s never stopped me before – does sometimes slow me down a bit. ^_^