i find myself deeply disturbed by something i read on facebook about aspartame – if it is true, people are literally being poisoned!  and even more disturbing – we are back to pointing the finger at monsanto – AGAIN.    and i must ask the same question i asked the last time – given that a company is not an actual ‘being’ in and of itself – if you say that “monsanto knows what they are producing and selling is poison” – exactly who is it that knows???  some all-powerful person who holds everyone’s fate in his/her hands??  every single employee??  if ‘everyone’ knows – do they feed it to their families??  if not, how do they sleep at night?  would the possible loss of your job be justification enough to remain silent and keep allowing the product to be manufactured and sold to unsuspecting people around the world???  have they all been hypnotized or brain washed to the degree they believe it’s safe???  it sounds to me like we need an eric snowden to show up within monsanto!! and to expose up to and including all the politicians who have been ‘bought’!!

and, further, if we the ‘consumer’ would just stop acting like “stepford wives” and stop buying what we know is not “good” for us (a gross understatement in this case) – how quickly would the problem be solved when ‘they’ were no longer getting rich off our stupidity/unconsciousness!!

the other eye-opener for me was that some of those other ‘names’ i considered ‘ok’ are simply aspartame by another name!!  i shall have to re-read the article and record them so i don’t forget!!!  as it was posted in facebook:  Jim Klinger   A KILLER IN YOUR FRIDGE   even if it’s only partly true – and i did not do snopes to verify – my guess is – that stuff still not good for you, period!!