today i have discovered an unexpected pitfall of participating in facebook.  little did i imagine that by ‘friending’ someone from ‘way back then’ – especially someone who was actually a friend of my then teenage son – that i would end up with the feelings i am currently experiencing.

and so, i say – fair warning – the most innocent connection from your past can end up excavating something(s) you were sure you had buried so deep that no one could ever bring it/them back into the light.

now the fact that i tend to live from ‘no mistakes’, led me to suspect that a nugget had just been uncovered. ^_^    it’s just that the true experience of ‘no mistakes’ sometimes takes a little (often painful) time to kick in.  so, after getting thru some of that initial ‘pain, etc’ it became crystal clear to me that what happened way back then was key to my being where i am now – all of my current life and the people in it.  sometimes i think my life would be a fascinating read – then again, at best, probably only to someone down the line related. ^_^  so, not to worry – doubt it will ever happen. ^_^

i shall continue to examine the nugget.